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Episode #10 - Dave H. from East Boston, MA

June 30, 2020 Dana Etherington Season 1 Episode 10
2 Degrees C
Episode #10 - Dave H. from East Boston, MA
Show Notes

Hey Friends!

In this episode I have a chat with a friend of mine, Dave Halbert. Dave was born in Ohio but moved to Massachusetts when his mother took a job with the EPA. He has lived in East Boston for years since graduating from college. Dave is actively involved in local politics and has some fantastic insight into environmental issues and related injustices around Boston.

Being an Eagle Scout himself, Dave has a personal connection to promoting and preserving a healthy planet. 

Here's a quote from the episode where Dave is talking about the realities of an increase in frequency and severity of storms around the city due to climate change:

"It's kind of a funny joke when it's one person kayaking down the street after a storm.

It's a whole lot less funny when it's everybody kayaking down the street, and the storms are every month.

On top of the that; these people aren't just kayaking for fun, they're trying to save their homes"

Give it a listen!


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